Frequently Asked Questions

Where is IPOS S.A. registered?

IPOS S.A. is registered in Paraguay. Please refer to our COMPLIANCE AND REGULATION section for more details.

Is the IPOS S.A. management certified for quality?

Yes, IPOS is due to receive management certification: ISO 9001 by June 2013.

Does IPOS S.A. undergo accounting audits?

Yes, the IPOS S.A. balance is audited every year.

Is Paraguay among the FATF blacklisted countries?

No, Paraguay is not a country found on this blacklist.

Do I have to pay income tax in Paraguay?

No, but you should comply with any tax obligation in your own country of tax residence.

How does the negotiation procedure work?

IPOS S.A. will draft a contract based on your requirements and the companies terms .It will be sent to you for your evaluation.

Will the company and the professional be able to meet each other before signing the contract?

Yes, IPOS S.A. will arrange a meeting before the contract is signed.

Do I need to come to Paraguay to sign a contract?

No, you don’t need to come to Paraguay. However, IPOS will ask you to sign an original copy of the contract and provide an ID document.

What is the duration of the contract for service?

Usually the contract of service is valid for one year.

To whom will I issue my invoice?

Invoices will be issued to IPOS S.A.

Can IPOS manage my accounts with different currencies?

Yes, IPOS can manage all currencies. The most common are USD and Euro.

How often can one receive balance statements?

Balance statement may be issued every month.

How are travel expenses handled?

Upon on agreement and budget, your travel expenses will be covered by IPOS S.A.

How are health and risk insurance handled?

IPOS will not cover health and risk insurance.

How are pension plans handled?

IPOS doesn’t cover a pension plan.