Why Ipos?


IPOS S.A. aims for “total quality” in management by means of world-class quality policy strategies.

We believe that through careful planning, the use of reliable data, constant innovation, appropriate infrastructure and our ability to work as a team, we can offer better services in competitive conditions.

Our international presence and our professional experience of more than 30 years allow us to efficiently join the synergic interests of professional cultures in different countries.

Our history and statistics confirm that the services we offer are highly advantageous and innovative.

The average economic advantages when hiring the services of IPOS S.A. are estimated to be between 15 to 20% for professionals and 15 to 25% for companies.


Our administrative staff is equipped with the latest in computer equipment and software, compliant with current national and international fiscal regulations.


Our company balance is certified by Amaral y Asociados, Paraguay.